Open Hands Project and Snehalaya

Well, we’re at it again! After our wildly successful event Kudzidalira in Malawi, we’ve partnered with the organization Snehalaya in Ahmednagar, India to hold another series of workshops and screenings in spring, 2014. We will work with children, young adults, and HIV+ adults accessing services from Snehalaya’s care centers and safe houses in the red light district to tell their own stories through video and cameraless filmmaking, and to bring the community together with the magic of art.


Snehalaya means “The Home With Love”

The Event
We’re out of the village and into the city this time. Working with community partners at Snehalaya’s many service stations, we’ll hold workshops on 16mm film animation, documentary filmmaking, and experimental video, culminating in a screening for all participants and subjects hosted by Snehalaya. Check out the Blog for updates!


Photos © Nick Cox

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