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Hello, and welcome to the shiny new blog for Kudzidalira: A Community Film Initiative!

We are two friends and film school graduates who are combining our love of the creative with a desire to bring art and community to others. Malawian-counterpart Cassandra has been working with community organizations in Kabudula, Malawi to partner on filmmaking workshops that will give kids and at-risk communities the opportunity to tell their stories through film. From January to May, six community workshops will delve into animating on 16mm, film alteration, magazine transfers and documentary storytelling with a local voice. Then, on May 29, all of the local films will premier alongside community performances, speakers from the Malawian film industry, and international films on health and society, creating a global dialogue powered by individuals and art.

The project came about on a whim in a discussion about what American-counterpart Tiffany could help with during a planned visit in May, 2013. The idea of a community art day snowballed into a much larger project with a wider aim. We’re giving our time and energy, battling challenges like power outages and time zone differences because we both believe in the power of art to inform, educate, and bring people together.

Plus, it’s fun! (There’s even an added bonus for putting our degrees to good use.)

So thank you for taking time to learn a little more about what we’re doing. By adopting a girl from New York into their village, Kabudula allowed us to become part of their community, to share our skills and to learn from their passions to make us all better off, so we in turn will share our experience with the world.

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