Official & Officially Open for Entries

Folks, we are Official. That’s right, we’re social media certified. Check out our Facebook page!

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CFE Mailbox

And coinciding with the launch of our new page, we’re officially opening the call for entries for Open Eyes Film Festival. This year’s theme is Visions of World Health. So come one, come all ye filmmakers and camera-wielding activists. We call for your documentaries, your narrative films, your experimental animations and unclassifiable artworks. All works under 30 minutes with health as a primary theme will be considered. Check out the festival page above for more information and SUBMIT SUBMIT SUBMIT! Early deadline is February 8, regular deadline is March 1.

And with this, we get down to business. Our pots are coming to a boil in the US and in Kabudula, Malawi. Now we need your help to spread the world about Kudzidalira and keep the momentum going for this project. In exchange, we promise faithful updates about our community partnerships and workshops. Remember to like us, and sign up to get updates from the blog!


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