Kabudula, Malawi

Red Road

Kabudula, Malawi (Kabudula means “shorts” in Chichewa)

Kudzidalira, or “we do for ourselves”, was the theme of our work in Malawi as we sought to empower at-risk segments of the community to tell their own stories through video and cameraless filmmaking, and to bring the community together with the magic of art.

The Event
For our inaugural year, we kicked off our programming in the village of Kabudula, Malawi in January 2013. We worked with local groups to hold four workshops on 16mm film animation, documentary filmmaking, and experimental video throughout the first half of 2013, culminating in a day-long celebration of film and art on May 29th. Alongside the local films we showcased live music and theater performances from the community, and screened a program on international films on the topics of health and society in the program “Open Eyes: Visions of World Health.”

Doc Workshop3Documentary workshop  group (oddly, Malawians don’t smile for photographs)

We had over 500 attendees and were nearly exploding with the amount of love and support we received. Thank you to everyone who helped make it possible, internationally and in Kabudula.

Check out Media for more images of the event!

Kudzi Crew

Our all-star volunteer crew


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