We could not have mounted this project without the support we’ve received. We will continue to update this page with shout-outs to all of the people who’ve thrown their lot in with us for this crazy project. If you’re interested in helping, please send us a message!

Hands Stack

Sugar Mamas and Papas

Karen Abrams-Morena
Beth Albright
Denise C. Bernardo
Katherine Birmingham
Matthew Bolish
Cameron Breither
Debbie & Kurt Breither
Jennifer Browdy
Austin Brown
Sheila Casamassima
Lynne Ciliento
Michelle Clausen
Rachel Denny
Ivria Dubs
Betty & Bob Dwyer
Amy Ellis
Clay Farland
Shani Ferguson
Lauren Fernandez
Lauren Fiorelli
Brian Gemino
Michael Gibbons
David Goldberg
Brian Halaas
Eugene Hernandez
Andrew & Becky Ilg
Nicholas Kemp
Katharina Kempf
Jo Kollmer
Vicki Lucas
Royce Marcus
Christina Marouda
Marian Masone
Laura Murphy & Elijah Krugger
Karen O’Neill
Lesley O’Neill
Carmen Ramsey
Haley Ray & Megan Dawkins
Maria Ruiz Botsacos
Joan Schlichctroll
Shannon & Andre Silva
Danielle Stocker
Alexander Stockton
Janet Summers
Sonia Tasso
Jyn Van Putten
Stephen Werner
Rebecca Williamson
Cara Yeates

Great Gurus and Helping Hands

Andrea Arnold
Cameron Breither
Nick Cox
Gabby Follett
Yara Gharib
Erin Lund
Brittany Kollmer
Jacob Mertens
Laura Murphy
Andre & Shannon Silva
JD Smithson
Sarah Webber


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